Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download

by Canon Pixma on November 21, 2018

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download

Reviews Printer– The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the passage level model in Canon’s Pro scope of A3+ printers, went for semi-expert and expert picture takers and printers. The Pro-100 uses eight ink cartridges, including Gray, Light Gray, Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta notwithstanding the standard cyan, fuchsia, yellow and dark inks. The “Photograph” hues are paler variants of the standard inks, taking into account more unobtrusive shading, exact tones and a more extensive shading array.

ChromaLife inks are color based, instead of the shade inks utilized by most genuine A3+ printers, for example, Canon’s Pro-10 and Pro-1 or Epson’s R2000. Despite the fact that color based ink, for quite a while the default choice for inkjet photograph printing, does not have the life span and hostile to draining properties of shade, it has its advantages. Color based ink, which drenches into the paper instead of leaving strong particles of shade on top of it, tends to look brighter, smoother and glossier than color. This is unquestionably the case here, with the Pro-100’s photographs instantly popping with lively shading at even default print settings.

While the level of fine detail and unpretentious shading isn’t exactly as precise as that delivered by top of the line color ink printers, our photographs looked awesome, with a polished complete that highlighted fragile zones of complexity and truly got the eye. Skin tones look incredible and dull zones specifically seem rich and extreme. The brilliance of the shine complete won’t be to everybody’s taste, except our specimen board favored it to the semi-radiance impact of the color construct Canon Pro-10 in light of a similar shiny Canon Platinum Pro paper. Compelling artwork photographs, especially in high contrast, regularly advantage from the semi-sparkle complete that runs as an inseparable unit with pigmented ink, yet in the event that you’re hoping to print splendid and energizing individual snaps and publications, this printer makes a splendid showing with regards to without requiring any altering or tweaking to enhance your picture’s shading.

Just the same as whatever remains of the Pixma Pro range, the printer encourages paper from a back plate. A back bolster overlap out to nourish even vast A3+ paper sizes. While we experienced no difficulty with substantial sheets of photograph paper, paper encouraging was somewhat less solid when it came to printing 4x6in photographs. On the off chance that we had just a couple sheets in the back plate, the printer would on occasion get two sheets without a moment’s delay. It’d then quit printing while we expelled the additional 4x6in sheet. This isn’t an issue in the event that you have a sound pile of paper in the plate, yet merits remembering in the event that you plan to leave the Pro-100 doing a vast print work while you leave and accomplish something else.

For comparative reasons, you won’t have any desire to utilize this printer for plain A4 archives on lightweight copier paper. Not just is it a misuse of costly ink, yet the printer continually bolstered different pages on the double when we utilized 75gsm scanner paper. They didn’t stall out in the printer’s workings, yet the subsequent prints were unusable. Thicker 100gsm inkjet paper fared better, yet mono content print velocities are poor, with even a solitary page taking 40 seconds.

Photograph print speeds, then again, are fairly great. Our reference A3 print finished in three minutes and 25 seconds, while two 10x8in photographs imprinted in three minutes, 48 seconds and six 6x4in photographs in seven minutes and 23 seconds.

And in addition being one of the least expensive A3+ photograph printers you can purchase, at £374, the Pixma Pro-100 is additionally one of the least expensive to run. Notwithstanding including the cost of Canon’s most costly Platinum Pro lustrous photograph paper, a 6x4in print costs 32p. Just 3p of that is down to the cost of the ink and less costly papers are accessible both from Canon and outsider makers, for example, Illford. On the off chance that you utilize an outsider paper, ensure it’s a decent one with an ICC profile accessible for this specific printer, to ensure you get ideal quality. Notwithstanding utilizing Canon’s most costly paper, the printer is hugely great esteem for A4 and A3 publications, which come in at 82p and £1.96 separately.

We adore the Pixma Pro-100, regardless of its sporadically flaky paper taking care of. It’s the best decision for novice picture takers who need bother free printing, however its support for shading profiles and an extensive variety of expert papers settles on it an extraordinary decision for an expert on a financial plan, as well. It’s our Best Buy.

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 ($499) is a genuine photograph printer for those genuine about their photography. It likely won’t give you an indistinguishable quality from one of the prosumer photograph printers in the $1,000 value run, yet somebody would need to look carefully to see any distinction. Furthermore, the cost will speak to professional picture takers on a financial plan or home clients hoping to add some oomph to their printed pictures.

Remember that the Pro-100 is a particular printer intended to turn out incredible looking photographs from high-determination documents. It’s not for producing pages and pages of homework.

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download

  • Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, Win XP x32
  • Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, Win XP x64
  • Mac Os X 32bit and 64bit
  • Os X 32bit and 64bit
  • Linux
  • Android

Support Windows 32bit and 64bit


Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download Windows XP
Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download Windows 7
Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Driver Download Windows 8.1, Win 8
Windows 10

Support Mac Os X 32bit and 64bit


Mac Os X Snow Leopard v10.6
Mac Os X Leopard v10.5
Mac Os X Tiger v10.4
Mac Os X Panther v10.3
Mac Os X Jaguar v10.2
Mac Os X Pumav10.1
Mac Os X
Mac Os X 9
Mac Os X 8

Support Os X 32bit and 64bit


Os X El Capitan v10.11
Os X Yosemite v10.1o
Os X Mavericks v10.9
Os X Mountain Lion v10.8
Os X Lion v10.7
Os X 9
Os X
Os 8

Support Linux


Linux 64bit
Linux 32bit

Support Android



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